my name is Siyue

 Hello, my name is Siyue Tan, which in Mandarin translates to “thinking and reading”.


I am currently working as a UX and Software Designer intern at ERT. I am a third-year graduate student studying Information Design and Data Visualization at Northeastern University, Boston, MA.  I received my B.F.A degree in Communication Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design.

In 2019, I spent 6 months in the International Energy Agency in Paris, Franc, worked as an Information Designer intern in the communication and digital office. I was part of the branding team and worked with many researchers, analysts across the agency. I met many awesome people, and explore my interest in social science and other scientific areas.

I have won many international award,including:


Society of Illustrators

Illustration Society of LA

3x3 Illustration Annual

Japanese Illustration Award

Creative Quarterly

The Cheltenham Awards

Applied Art Student Annual


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