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my name is Siyue

 Hello, my name is Siyue Tan, which in Mandarin translates to “thinking and reading”.


I am currently studying and working as an Information Design & Visualization graduate at Northeastern University, Boston, MA, sometimes freelancing in my friend’s studio as a freelance designer and art director. I received my B.F.A degree in Communication Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design,  I started Drawing and reading since age 6 and was deeply influenced by Discovery Channel. In my work, I strive to convey the same sense of whimsy, hopefulness and drive that I valued so much in culture, art, and design.

I spend 6 month in International Energy Agency in Paris, Franc, worked as an Information Designer inter in the communication and digital office. I was part of the branding team, and worked with many researchers, analysts across the agency.

I am a world awards winner visual artist (Illustration, Graphic Design, Advertising)


Society of Illustrators

Illustration Society of LA

3x3 Illustration Annual

Japanese Illustration Award

Creative Quarterly

The Cheltenham Awards

Applied Art Student Annual