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© Siyue Tan | siyuetan@gmail.com | 912.306.4068

Hello, my name is Siyue, you can also call me Sabrina. 


 Hello, my name is Siyue Tan, which in Mandarin translates to “thinking and reading”. I am currently studying and working as an Information Design & Visualization graduate at Northeastern University, Boston, MA, sometimes freelancing in my friend’s studio as a freelance designer and art director. I received my B.F.A degree in Communication Arts from Savannah College of Art and Design,  I started Drawing and reading since age 6 and was deeply influenced by Discovery Channel. In my work, I strive to convey the same sense of whimsy, hopefulness and drive that I valued so much in culture, art, and design.

I am a world awards winner visual artist ( Illustration, Graphic Design, Advertising), awards includingSociety of Illustrators, Illustration Society of LA, 3x3 Illustration Annual, Japanese Illustration Award, Creative Quarterly,  The Cheltenham Awards, Applied Art Student Annual.



Top 5 Facts About Me


1. I am a left hander.


2. I spend at least one hour each day dreaming.


3The first real novel I read was Notre Dame de Paris   by Victor Hugo at age 8.


4. There are so many movies I love in this world, but I prefer anything related to food.


5. I love buying shoes