What is Design? A concept map collection by Siyue




Data Interpretation

Visual Exploration


Photoshop / Illustrator

P5.JS / Excel

when I was in art school, I used to believe that design is the beauty in visual form. Now, in my graduate school, I start to explore other meanings of design. It was a whole new journey for me and it subverted my inherent perception of art and design. This is not an easy task, so at the end of the semester, I designed this model to express my emotions.


Life is full of all kinds of contradictions, making them into a map is so interesting.

SiyueTan(poster Final) (1)_画板 1.png

Below are the design models in other scholarly papers covered in the course.

Final Booklet4.jpg
Final Booklet7.jpg
Final Booklet5.jpg
Final Booklet.jpg

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