During the six months of my internship in ERT ( a data-driven multinational company focused on providing service for clinical trials),  I worked as a UI / UX Designer for the User Experience Center. I learned a lot of new things and applied what I learned in class to practice.

ERT UX Center

The UX Design Center served as an information center for design systems across the company platform. My responsibility as a UX designer is to analyze the shortcomings of the existing website, clarify the purpose of different user groups using the website, and propose a new information framework.

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Data Insight and Home Portal Design

ERT’s Data Insights(company website) removes the burden of spotting data variabilities from study managers and teams through advanced diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics. My responsibility as a designer is to understand user's working flow and design a more logical work portal.

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Patient Engagement Library

This APP (Patient Engagement Library) served as a tool to help patients reporting their daily data to clinical sites. My responsibility as a designer is to understand the limitation of the product platform and the user and presents a simple, straight working flow.

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