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This design is a combination of information designillustration, and graphic design with a sense of humor, and personal thought of my identity behind the image. I left hometown since 2012, traveled and worked in several places, experience many different cultures and life stories. Based on my background in visual design and art, I decided to symbol myself as a pantsless panda goes through 3 adventures of how I go to school, go back home, go to Yellow Stone. 

I usually watch all the movies they provided on the airplane. When everyone is sleeping but for some reason you can't, the best place to kill your time on an airplane is the restroom, which is the only isolated space on the whole aircraft you could do your personal thing. However, the paid wifi sometimes does not work, so I start reading toilet paper.

In short term lines, airplane companies usually provided cookie and coffee. Sometimes, you can have an interesting conversation with your neighbor, but not always. They tell you their personal stories which sounds like a drama channel.

I lived next to the Fenway park for a year. They have many wild gooses and people walking their dogs all the time. They make me smile all the time.

© Siyue Tan 

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