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A Brief of Hurricanes


This design is a combination of information design, graphic design with personal analysis. Based on the data set from National Hurricane Center p provided by  Northeastern University, I grouped 10 years to make it easier to calculate and view larger maps.  I tried to find the connection between storm/hurricane days and time. Then I restarted this project based on the following questions:


1. Does the length of days have a relationship with time?

2. Do we have more hurricane/ storm days through time?

3. Does the percentage of hurricane days change through time?


*Wind speed might change several times a day. Once they reached 64km/h (hurricane wind speed) anytime in a day, I calculate that day as a hurricane day.


The results were not what I expected. Here are something I learned from this project:


1. Different visualizations for the same information shows different results.

2. Data analysis is a process from a simple idea to a complex information break down and end with a simple output.

3. Suitable data visualization helps people see how different data sets are.


To find the final conclusions, please download full book.