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During the six months of my internship in Europe, I went to many, many museums and visited three capitals of three countries: Vienna, Austria, Berlin, Germany, and Budapest, Hungary. I want to be able to record what I have seen and heard in these six months. Life is complicated, and the beautiful and ugly side of any country should not be summarized in a report by the media.

These visualizations will be performed according to the timeline: date, place, time, how I feel about it. I will use data visualization to depict events such as parades, pickpockets, strikes, socioeconomic downturns, police, gypsy, street homeless people, homeless refugees. Normally, travel bring us to the glorious side of a place. But when I took my luggage and lived in a real civilian area, what I saw was more real.


An individual is an epitome of some aspect of society.



The image above documents all the tourist sites of Paris I had visited. Each month is represented in different colors.

  1. Multiple sites visit in a single day is connected by the color line. 

  2. My personal running zone is designed in grey.

  3. Markers in different shapes: small circles, large circles, stars, representing my overall evaluation of the place. 

  4. The area of Versailles is very far from the city of Paris, so it is placed in small blocks to shorten the distance.

In this picture, I documented 5 information: homeless people, protest, pickpockets, Scammers and illegal immigrants.

  1. Each white dot represents a tramp I have seen. Some people have been sleeping on the street near my apartment for a few months.

  2. Pickpockets are very common in Paris. I have experienced once near Museum Lourve.

  3. Many scammers took the opportunity to steal in the name of fundraising. Some people set up gambling games to cheat money.

  4. A significant number of illegal immigrants make living selling souvenirs which are illegal but in a gray area.

  5. Protests are very common in Paris, happening almost every week and in various names.


© Siyue Tan 

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