Schlösser Brühl


Information Design

Graphic Design

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Schlösser Brühl, a Rococo set located in Brühl, Germany, is my topic for a series of designs. To express the beauty of Schlösser Brühl, I chose Bahouse and Rococo style as my inspiration. Schlösser Brühl, one of the World Heritage set,  including Augustusburg Palace, Hunting Lodge Falkenlust, Gardens, and Park Grounds.

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The logo design is a reflection of the beauty in Augustusburg Palace which belonged to Clemens August of Bavaria, the Archbishop-Elector of Cologne. it is also the most famous building on the set, which they spent nearly 40 years to build.

The 'o' has been designed into a simplified house shape which represents the shape of the building design which can be seen in 3 locations: Augustusburg Palace, Hunting Lodge Falkenlust, and Park Grounds.

This decoration element is a simplified outlied of the landscape, including the shape of the logo which represents the beauty of the Palace.


Design can always be colorful and low key at the same time. To show the magnificence of the set, I used up to 12 colors. At the same time, in order to maintain the harmony of colors, to express solemnity and historicity, most of these colors belong to rococo pastel.

DESIGN OF PROPAGANDA - why it is information design

There are many differences between graphic design and information design, one of the most important differences is information design focuses on expressing information than visual. Our focus is not on how creative and novel the visual form is, but on the transmission of information.


In the design of the booklet, I focused on how to integrate complex information together, clear, concise and accurate. This information is mainly divided into two parts, one contains the introduction and history of the castle, and the other is the introduction, functions, and history of the UNESCO Heritage Set. Here are the challenges:

  1. It is a print. (how to fold)

  2.  How to imply that this booklet contains two parts of information, and the two are in harmony.

  3. How to show the complex timeline in a simple way.

Front - The Palces

I design the booklet into a single print which is double side print and can be folded into smaller rectangle.

SiyueTan( Booklet)-02.png


Before folding

Width: 40 in    Height: 18.25 in

SiyueTan( Booklet)-01.png

After folding

Width: 5 in   Height: 11.25 in


The concept of advertising tells a story of how Bruhl Places travel across the sea to Boston. I am focusing on storytelling with limited visual language.