More Colorful? IVY League Schools, attendance and race 1990-201




Data Classification

Visual Exploration


Photoshop / Illustrator

P5.JS / Excel

To explore the diversity in the Universities, I chose IVY League Schools as the start of my analysis in education and diversity. The purpose of this project is not to show a specific number, but the OVERALL image of race changing through the years. Data classification is very important in this project. The first step is to determine the scope of the data. To ensure the stability and accuracy of information sources, in this case, I focused on full-time students who are pursuing Bachelor or Master's degree enrolled in the fall.

After I have determined the scope of my information, the next step is to determine the information classification. In the years from 1990 to 2017, there have been some changes in the way statistics are measured in the race. Based on the existing collated data, I standardized racial classification.

I created a color cloud for each year for each university. Each cloud is a mix of students from different races. A cloud is created by a group of dots, one dots represent 15 students. The bar chart below the clouds represents the proportion of races. The length of the bar chart is related to the total number of students in that year. Therefore, although the proportion or number of races might be the same, each cloud and bar chart is different due to the number of students in the university.

Radius = Total students number / canvas size


Bar chart 

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